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Video: Don’t fall victim to the fake gym membership!

In a follow up to an earlier post, this time The Real Hustle demonstrates how the scam artists get people on the street to give out their bank account information in exchange for a gym membership – to a fitness center that will never exist! For more education, visit their YouTube page.

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Video: American Gladiators on Family Feud in 1994

Richard Dawson returned to the Family Feud after a nine year absence for a special week of charity shows. In this full episode the American Gladiator men (Saber, Nitro, Laser, and Hawk) are playing against the American Gladiator women (Sky, Ice, Zap (mad sexy), and Panther):

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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Video: Ellen Degerenes’ appearance on American Gladiators

Here’s links to clips from the second season of Ellen, Ellen Degeneres’ 1994-1998 sitcom, that features her character appearing on American Gladiators. Ellen dates Nitro after trying out for the show in this episode. Appearances by Hawk, Nitro and Ice. Here’s a longer synopsis:

Ellen tags along with Adam when he goes to try out for “American Gladiators”, but the only way she can get into the arena is if she tries out. So she does. Unfortunately for Adam’s dreams, Ellen makes the cut and he doesn’t. As they are leaving, Ellen is approached by Nitro, who proceeds to ask Ellen on a date. She says “yes”, even though Nitro isn’t really her type.

After they go out a couple of times, he dumps Ellen, claiming there was no chemistry. When Ellen arrives for her competition, Ice (Nitro’s female equivalent) makes fun of Ellen because Nitro dumped her and because Ellen is a scrawny little thing. This taunting makes Ellen angry, and when the two women square off in the pugil-stick competition, Ellen lets Ice have it.

Watch part 1 on YouTube | Watch part 2 on YouTube | Watch part 3 on YouTube

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Video: Don’t get ripped off in the locker room!

The BBC Three program The Real Hustle educates viewers about how hustlers, scam artists, thiefs and swindlers do their dirty deeds. In this episode they demonstrates a simple way for a thief to help their self to your valuables, which you thought you had safely locked up in the locker room cabinets. For more education, visit their YouTube page.

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September 11, 2007 Posted by | TV, Video | Leave a comment presents Jay Cutler in Olympia: The Video Series #12

In the latest installment of Bodybuilding.coms pre-Olympia video series Bob Cicherillo travels to Las Vegas, Nevada, to meet Jay Cutler for an interview in Jay’s home, and a back workout in “Jay’s” Gold’s Gym in Vegas. Five weeks out from Mr. Olympia, what are Cutler’s thoughts?

Watch Mr. Olympia himself, Jay Cutler, get ready for the 2007 Mr. Olympia rematch. Can he beat Ronnie Coleman and Victor Martinez again this year and successfully defend his crown? presents Jay Cutler in Olympia: The Video Series #12

Complete Olympia: The Series Listing with links:

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Video: Max Weinbergs’ unusual lockerroom behaviour at the gym

Saturday Night Live’s Will Forte visits Late Night with Conan O’Brien to talk about his new film, The Brothers Solomon. But first he tells us about one persons unusual behavior in the men’s locker room at the NBC gym. Band leader Max Weinberg blow dries his nuts!

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Video: European Commission and UEFA promotes physical activity

Yesterday the European Commission and the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) kicked off football season with a campaign promoting physical activity. From the press release:

The advert encourages viewers to get out of their armchairs and be physically active, using the slogan “Go on, get out of your armchair’. Millions of Europeans are expected to view the advert, as it will be screened free of charge during the half-time break of this season’s televised Champions League football games.

EU Health Commissioner Markos Kyprianou said: “Europeans are eating too much and exercising too little, which explains why more than half of European adults are overweight or obese. Through this TV advertising campaign we aim to help viewers better understand the importance of physical exercise in living healthier lives and encourage them to introduce physical activity in their daily routines.”

In related news a Danish pilot project has shown that regular football practice is much more successful at boosting fitness than regular jogging. The blog Conditioning Research (publishes summaries of scientific research on fitness, strength, diet and performance) explains the effects of interval training:

I have put up a few posts about the benefits of interval training – short intense intervals of work separated by rest periods. I’ve also mentioned some problems with respect to the standard prescription for aerobic exercise of long slow endurance type training / “cardio”.

The researchers examined the effect of training on a football team, comparing their performance to a group who were just jogging. The sport – the power law application with high intensity work and lots of low intensity stuff too – led to improvements in insulin sensitivity, balance, muscle mass and body composition.

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Video: Bodybuilder who stops bank robber rewarded $5,000

Bodybuilder performs smackdown on serial bank robbery suspect

The Seattle Times reports of a story that has gotten worldwide attention in bodybuilding discussion forums. An amateur bodybuilder, Todd Jewell, was able to subdue a serial bank robber, ultimately crushing the mans ribs after he wouldn’t succumb:

“Old School” was expelled Friday, thanks to a world-class body builder.

It all happened in Lynnwood when a robber, known to the FBI as the”Old School Bandit” because of a bandanna he always wore across his face — an old-school disguise — tried to rob a Banner Bank.

He was ambushed by a customer who just happens to be a top bodybuilder, Todd Jewell, 26, of Yakima.

Q13 Fox News reports:

Jewell grabbed the man and wrestled him to the ground, bank employees helped out. And while vigilante justice may not always be wise, Jewell says seeing the teller in jeopardy outweighed any worries about himself.

As long as he didn’t have a gun, yeah, I’d definitely do it again,” says Jewell.

KEPR CBS 19 has the video story of the incident, and an interview with Todd Jewell demonstrating his technique:

Bodybuilder stops bank robber

Edit: Update – good thing come to those who deserve it, reports Yakima Herald:

Now the Yakima bodybuilder and 1999 Eisenhower High School graduate will receive a $5,000 reward from the FBI for capturing the man the federal agency dubbed as the Old School Bandit at a Lynnwood bank Friday afternoon.

We’re working on the paperwork as we speak,” said Larry Carr, an FBI agent based in Seattle.

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SHREDDED.TV – Bodybuilding movies on demand

Australia’s GMV Bodybuilding har the largest selection of bodybuilding movies on DVD. Their new venture with UK’s enables you to rent streaming titles from GMV. They also plan to offer selected movies from other producers. 500 titles is planned by the end of the 3rd year, yikes!

SHREDDED.TV is a new joint venture between GMV and presenting the world’s first internet TV station devoted exclusively to bodybuilding and fitness. This website is like a TV station on the internet and features both professional and amateur athletes. It will also include contests from around the world. is not a video download site, it is a streaming media internet TV station.

Also note that all the people involved in this project either currently is or has been a competitive bodybuilder. A guarantee for a dedication to the hardcore soul of bodybuilding…

SHREDDED.TV – Bodybuilding movies on demand

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Swedish IFBB Pro bodybuilder Martin Kjellström getting ready to do battle

martin_kjellstrom.pngOne of Sweden’s IFBB Pro bodybuilders, Martin Kjellström, is getting ready to start his diet. He will be competing in Santa Susanna Pro Grand Prix in Spain on September 23rd. The Grand Prix awards the top-3 placed athletes with qualifications to the Mr. Olympia 2007 competition, and Martin aims to climb onto the podium. First place is arguably Spain’s Francisco ‘Paco’ Bautista’s to loose – he won last year and it is his home turf…

At his last competition, Grand Prix Australia 2007, Martin took 4th place, after Dexter Jackson, Ronny Rockel, and Vince Taylor respectively. On 5th place, after Martin, was Hidetada Yamagishi from Japan, the perhaps fastest rising male IFBB star of 2007.

On Martins official web site (now with a new blog) recent photos of his off season shape has been published, and updates is promised. Fredrik Carlsson, a friend of Martins, is hosting a video of Martins shape eleven weeks out from St Susanna GP:

A video of Martins Kjellströms shape eleven weeks out from St Susanna GP.

Santa Susanna Pro Grand Prix 2007 in Spain will take place on September 23rd.

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Gym in Stockholm, Sweden, burns to the ground

Just an hour after I had completed my morning workout at the closest gym to my home, Energiverket on Södermalm in Stockholm, one of the solarium’s under the stairs caught fire. The fire spread rapidly and explosively. All residents on the block, one of the most densely populated districts of Scandinavia, had to be evacuated. Traffic was diverted, causing major queues.

Everyone in the cellar gym managed to escape the flames and smoke, either trough the small winding staircase to ground level or trough the emergency exits. Seven people were taken to hospital and treated for shock, minor injuries, and/or smoke inhalation, among them two firemen. Investigators are convinced that a catastrophe with several dead were only seconds away.

Media investigation into the fire revealed that the gym had received criticism from Stockholm’s Firedefence after inspections in 2002. Among the criticisms were the fact that the emergency exits had extra locking mechanisms and that the fire alarm couldn’t be heard from the sauna/showers area.

The gym owner then testified to the authorities that both these and other criticisms had been taken care of. All is well…?

Reports from Thursdays event indicate that neither was true – not all could hear the alarm, some escaped with just a towel round their waists after being alerted by other gym goers. Some quickly realized they had to try an emergency exit because of the smoke, but the lever still had the extra locking mechanism! Only with cool thinking and several tries they managed to open the door…

Below a gif animation of a video of the violent smoke gas explosion, captured by Jonatan, one of the gym goers, on his mobile phone. Two smoke divers had just entered the gym door after reports of people still being trapped inside. Neither them nor the fireman outside suffered any major injuries. Click on the image to go to the full video report (in Swedish) at Expressens webb-tv:

Gym in Stockholm, Sweden, burnt to the ground. Fireman caught in the smoke gas explosion.

The one reason I left the gym about an hour prior to the fire was that a luncheon was planned to commemorate BODY Magazines sales chief, Stefan Elfving, which is leaving us for another job. Otherwise this time of day was my regular working out hour. So I have to thank Stefan for leaving us, and my boss Ove Rytter for planning the luncheon to this day and time specifically…

Here he is exercising as a volunteer on the next generation of training equipment to be used on ISS (International Space Station). Read more about the story behind it by clicking on the image:

Weightless strength training

As a side note; the founder of Sweden’s most read blog, Tjuvlyssnat (based on the same concept as Overheard in New York), lives above the gym and had to be evacuated. He saved his laptop and 3G-modem, and of course blogged about the incident. By the way, Tjuvlyssnat is probably the world’s first blog to become a comic book/paper. It has already become a book.

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Video: Advertisment for weightlifting – Can you do that?

USA Weightlifting promotes itself and its activities with a funny tv commercial, that will run 25 times on CSTV (College Sports TV, Wikipedia article).

According to the comments on Youtube the lady who cleans the bar is Natalie Woolfolk (profile at Washington Post), the USA Weightlifting National Champion aims to compete in the 2008 Olympic Games. The weights are props, so instead of 145 kilograms, the bar “only” weighs 46 kilograms…


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Monica Mollica’s finally online – female muscles and dietary advice

Monica Mollica, née Wieckowski, debuted her revamped web site (now in English) on her birthday, April 14th. Monica has written both heavy and lighter scientific dietary articles for the Swedish bodybuilding magazine where I am employed since the beginning of this millennium. Go check her web site out – she knows her stuff!

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Justin Timberlake bulks up with pro bodybuilders personal trainer

The movie Alpha Dog premiered this weekend, and stars amongst others Justin Timberlake. The story is based on a real kidnapping- and murder case. The brother of director is Frankie Cassavetes, which after 27 years in United States Marines switched to a civilian career as personal trainer and strength coach.

He’s said to be one of the most busy trainers at Gold’s Gym in Venice and has trained many well-known actors such as Denzel Washington (John Q), Robert Duvall (Assassination Tango), Ray Liotta, Sean Penn and Charlie Sheen. He’s also helped train IFBB pros such as Kelly Ryan, Flex Wheeler, Chris Cormier, Paul Dillett and Craig Titus…

Justin bulks up?

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Video: Lonnie Teper interviews Marika Johansson

On you can see Lonnie Teper interviewing IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Marika “Da Freaka” Johansson, originally from Sweden, now living in LA. She is competing in Europa Super Show next weekend. Click image below for a direct link to the video:

Lonnie Teper interviews Marika Johansson

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