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Bromsa utvecklingen innan det är för sent: Rösta på Piratpartiet!

  • Jag var en av de 34 918 som röstade på Piratpartiet i 2006 års allmänna val.
  • Jag var en av de 225 915 som röstade på Piratpartiet i 2009 års val till Europaparlamentet.
  • Jag röstar på Piratpartiet i 2010 års allmänna val. Gör det du med! En röst på Piratpartiet är aldrig bortkastad. Den sänder en stark signal till de övriga partierna att friheten på internet är en viktig fråga som måste tas på allvar.

Årets största valundersökning, den på Facebook med över 150 000 tillfrågade, ger Piratpartiet 5,3 %.

Piratpartiet har redan gjort skillnad. Sedan de fick mandat till EU-parlamentet har partiet påverkat en rad lagstiftningsförslag i bättre riktning. Ge dem möjligheten att göra det även här hemma. Rösta på Piratpartiet den 19 september!

På På kan du redan nu visa var du står…

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Video: European Commission and UEFA promotes physical activity

Yesterday the European Commission and the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) kicked off football season with a campaign promoting physical activity. From the press release:

The advert encourages viewers to get out of their armchairs and be physically active, using the slogan “Go on, get out of your armchair’. Millions of Europeans are expected to view the advert, as it will be screened free of charge during the half-time break of this season’s televised Champions League football games.

EU Health Commissioner Markos Kyprianou said: “Europeans are eating too much and exercising too little, which explains why more than half of European adults are overweight or obese. Through this TV advertising campaign we aim to help viewers better understand the importance of physical exercise in living healthier lives and encourage them to introduce physical activity in their daily routines.”

In related news a Danish pilot project has shown that regular football practice is much more successful at boosting fitness than regular jogging. The blog Conditioning Research (publishes summaries of scientific research on fitness, strength, diet and performance) explains the effects of interval training:

I have put up a few posts about the benefits of interval training – short intense intervals of work separated by rest periods. I’ve also mentioned some problems with respect to the standard prescription for aerobic exercise of long slow endurance type training / “cardio”.

The researchers examined the effect of training on a football team, comparing their performance to a group who were just jogging. The sport – the power law application with high intensity work and lots of low intensity stuff too – led to improvements in insulin sensitivity, balance, muscle mass and body composition.

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