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Jay Cutler coming to Gothenburg and The Fitness Festival!

The beginner bodybuilding competition Luciapokalen takes place at The Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre in Gothenburg on December 11-12th, at the same time and place as The Fitness Festival fair. The competition celebrates it’s 30th anniversary this year (1980-2010) and has booked several professional bodybuilders for guest posing, foremost Mr. Olympia himself, Jay Cutler!

Jay Cutler is presented by The Fitness Festival in cooperation with

Luciapokalen Facts

  • Sweden’s oldest and biggest beginners competition
  • A special atmosphere
  • Talented competitors
  • New stars are made
  • World class guest posers
  • Room for 1.500 people in the audience

In December the amateur competitors will traditionally march in and disrobe for Luciapokalen Bodybuilding: The World’s Biggest Beginner Bodybuilding Competition!

Other professional bodybuilders that are coming to The Fitness Festival and Luciapokalen: Dennis “The Menace” James, Dorian Yates, James “Flex” Lewis, and Marcus Chacon.

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You can call out the competitors at Mr. Olympia 2007!

Last year made a cool application where you could compare all Mr. Olympia contestants with each other, pose for pose (based on photos from FLEX Online from the prejudging). This year the application is hosted on

You can call out the competitors at Mr. Olympia 2007

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Which Mr. Olympia do you think will be victorious in 2007?

1) Jay Cutler
2) Ronnie Coleman
View Results

Which Mr. Olympia do you think will win in 2007?

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Ronnie Coleman announces retirement from Mr. Olympia Competition

Ronnie Coleman Announces Retirement From Mr. Olympia CompetitionBSN Online, supplement sponsor to Ronnie Coleman, announces his retirement from the Olympia competition stage:

Amidst a whirlwind of speculation, Internet message board gossip, hearsay, conjecture and bodybuilding industry rumors for the last year, 8-Time Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman and arguably the greatest bodybuilder of all time has just shocked the world by announcing that he will be officially retiring from Olympia competition after this upcoming Mr. Olympia contest on September 29th.

Ronnie, knee-deep in contest prep and in all-out training camp mode, was just quoted moments ago as saying, “This is it for me at the Olympia, and September 29th will be the last time I step on a Mr. Olympia stage. I want to thank God, my family, my friends, all the great fans who have supported me over the years, Weider and especially BSN. I don’t take anything for granted and appreciate all the support from the bottom of my heart. I’ll see you all at the Olympia!”

But it is not a total retirement, as FLEX Online reports from the interview on Monday with on Pro Bodybuilding Weekly:

Coleman, however, stopped short of saying he was retiring from the sport entirely. “I like a lot of the European stuff, so maybe the European stuff or the Arnold Classic if I can get my nerves up for that,” Coleman said of where he would compete next, if not at the Olympia. “But definitely, I would like to do the European Stuff if they can have it any more over there, because the tour has already been cancelled for this year.”

When pressed by hosts Dan Solomon and Bob Cicherillo on why he would become the first Olympia winner to lose the O, then go on to compete in other competitions, Coleman answered, “The Olympia is no small task, that’s a big task. There’s a lot of pressure going into it, a lot of work you gotta put your body through and stuff. Just the Olympia atmosphere itself is so, so big. And I’ve done that for so many years now. It comes to a point where you have to move on and do some other things.”

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September 11, 2007 Posted by | Bodybuilding, Competitions, Mr. Olympia | 14 Comments presents Jay Cutler in Olympia: The Video Series #12

In the latest installment of Bodybuilding.coms pre-Olympia video series Bob Cicherillo travels to Las Vegas, Nevada, to meet Jay Cutler for an interview in Jay’s home, and a back workout in “Jay’s” Gold’s Gym in Vegas. Five weeks out from Mr. Olympia, what are Cutler’s thoughts?

Watch Mr. Olympia himself, Jay Cutler, get ready for the 2007 Mr. Olympia rematch. Can he beat Ronnie Coleman and Victor Martinez again this year and successfully defend his crown? presents Jay Cutler in Olympia: The Video Series #12

Complete Olympia: The Series Listing with links:

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September issue of Muscletime Magazine now online!

The new September issue of Muscletime Magazine has just been posted online. From the Content:

  • News & Gossip! New Pro – Erik Fankhouser; PLUS – Eddie Abbew 4 weeks out!
  • 2007 Olympia predictions! heck out our photo preview of the 2007 Mr. Olympia – the Re-Match
  • More Europa pics & clip! Check out some new awesome photos and a video from Dallas Europa comparisons
  • NEW Europa Snapshots: Check out some more snapshots we took in Texas
  • MT Poster & Muscle History: On the poster – Ronnie Coleman; MT history – Achim Albrecht
  • MT Digitorial & Reps: News from the MT crew and MT Reps with Sami Al Haddad
  • Transformer – new series! Quincy Taylor in 2000 and in 2007 !
  • Coming up: A sneak peak into our 2nd September issue…

Click on the image below to go to the home page of the excellent online magazine from Austria:


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Mr. Olympia is the real Jay Cutler

Not Mr. OlympiaThe Pueblo Chieftain Sports Editor Judy Hildner writes in the article And now, will real Jay Cutler please stand up? about the two Jay Cutlers in the news. There’s the one playing as quarterback for Denver Broncos (online profile):

Jay Cutler looks like just another nice, young guy. Pounding the weights hasn’t melted away the little double chin that softens his face and belies his status as the new Denver Broncos’ quarterback savior at the age of 24.

And there’s the Jay Cutler that is Mr. Olympia:

Then there’s the other Jay Cutler, a one-man operation, a 33-year-old professional bodybuilder who was born and raised in Massachusetts.

His job is bodybuilding. In his autobiography on the Web site, Cutler said he played football in high school but loved the competition of bodybuilding the first time he stepped on a stage wearing just a skimpy bathing suit.

Finishing the article, she writes:

The Broncos’ Cutler is a cottage industry connected to every Denver fan in the Rocky Mountain area. The spotlight will be unbearably bright for him at times.

Jay Cutler the bodybuilder has to create his own bright lights.

Things sure were easier when the names Ronnie Coleman or Dorian Yates currently was associated with the Mr. Olympia title…

Which Jay Cutler do you think is the more famous? World wide, which is the biggest celebrity?

Mr. Olympia is the real Jay Cutler

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Swedish IFBB Pro bodybuilder Martin Kjellström getting ready to do battle

martin_kjellstrom.pngOne of Sweden’s IFBB Pro bodybuilders, Martin Kjellström, is getting ready to start his diet. He will be competing in Santa Susanna Pro Grand Prix in Spain on September 23rd. The Grand Prix awards the top-3 placed athletes with qualifications to the Mr. Olympia 2007 competition, and Martin aims to climb onto the podium. First place is arguably Spain’s Francisco ‘Paco’ Bautista’s to loose – he won last year and it is his home turf…

At his last competition, Grand Prix Australia 2007, Martin took 4th place, after Dexter Jackson, Ronny Rockel, and Vince Taylor respectively. On 5th place, after Martin, was Hidetada Yamagishi from Japan, the perhaps fastest rising male IFBB star of 2007.

On Martins official web site (now with a new blog) recent photos of his off season shape has been published, and updates is promised. Fredrik Carlsson, a friend of Martins, is hosting a video of Martins shape eleven weeks out from St Susanna GP:

A video of Martins Kjellströms shape eleven weeks out from St Susanna GP.

Santa Susanna Pro Grand Prix 2007 in Spain will take place on September 23rd.

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Three times Mr. Olympia Frank Zane, 64, making a comeback?

Frank Zane won Mr. Olympia 1977, -78 and -79. In December 2006 he peaked and shot some new photos. In his monthly newsletter Frank tells us that he’s found it harder and harder to get in really good shape the older he gets. The latest diet and training program he used is outlined in the Winter issue of Franks own Building the Body Quarterly Magazine/Newsletter:

I was able to get in my best shape in over a decade and this Winter issue describes all the details of my workouts, diet, and motivation along with photos of the condition I achieved by the middle of December 2006. You may want to subscribe if you don’t already.

Most of all I proved to myself that age is no barrier to physical improvement and I intend to be in even better shape in 2007. One thing I did learn is that as you get older you have to allow more time to get in shape. I did everything possible to reach peak condition, dieting, training two even three times a day, 1000 reps of abdominal work daily, and eventually 1 and a half hours of aerobics a day.

Three times Mr. Olympia Frank Zane, 64, making a comeback?

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Jay Cutler is Mr Olympia 2006 – Ronnie Coleman is defeated

Jay Cutler quote after the historic victory:

– They said the champ can’t be taken out. Well you know what? The new champ’s in town. And the Sandow is staying in Las Vegas. And I get to keep my hair. (Jay had promised to shave of his hair if he didn’t win.)

Compare all the Mr. Olympia contestants with each other!

Results 2006 Mr Olympia
September 30, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

  Name Country Round 1+2 Round 3 Round 4 Total
1. Jay CUTLER* USA 12 5 5 22
2. Ronnie COLEMAN* USA 18 10 10 38
3. Victor MARTINEZ* Dominican Republic 34 16 16 66
4. Dexter JACKSON* USA 36 20 19 75
5. Melvin ANTHONY* USA 50 25 26 101
6. Gustavo BADELL* Puerto Rico 62 30 29 121
7. Toney FREEMAN USA 68 35 103
8. Markus RÜHL Germany 84 41 125
9. Dennis JAMES USA 96 47 143
10. Günter SCHLIERKAMP Germany 102 54 156
11. Vince TAYLOR USA 120 50 170
12. Branch WARREN USA 114 61 175
13. Johnnie JACKSON USA 130 67 197
14. Darrem CHARLES Trinidad & Tobago 148 62 210
15. Troy ALVES USA 142 75 217
16. Paco BAUTISTA Spain 160
16. Dennis WOLF Germany 160
16. Rodney ST. CLOUD USA 160
16. Ronny ROCKEL Germany 160
16. Mustafa MOHAMMAD Austria 160
16. David HENRY USA 160
16. Bill WILMORE USA 160
* Qualified for Mr. Olympia 2007

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Video: Ronnie Coleman – Best of Megacut

The German Team-Andro has posted a best-of collection from Ronnie Coleman’s videos shot by Mitsuru Okabe. It’s not the usual collection of max lifts, but still pretty awesome thanks to the cutting and the soundtrack:

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The Olympia Weekend webcast schedule is now online

In an earlier post I asked “Will this years webcast from Olympia Weekend suck?“. Now Hard Body Entertainment, the company contracted to produce the television pay-per-view, post-event DVD:s, and live webcast, has released more information about the webcast:

Webcast schedule

The webcast will be able to be viewed at www.hardbodyentertainment.TV:

The webcast will be able to be viewed at www.hardbodyentertainment.TV.

$24.95 will buy you an entire weekend (14 hours) of Olympia experience via the webcast. Things are certainly looking better…

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Video: Ronnie Coleman doing 2300lbs Leg Press at Metroflex Gym

Ronnie Coleman training with 2300lbs on the leg press at Metroflex Gym (the same gym you see in Ronnies amazing videos). Gymowner Brian Dobson seems to be a little worried that his equipment can’t match Ronnies strength:

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Recent pictures of Dorian Yates posted on Flex Online’s forum

In Flex Onlines forum Kris Gethin once again posts unique material from Team Flex. He had some guests over at his house, you know, the regular bunch, former Mr. and Ms. Olympia, Americas newest pro, etc…

“Last night I had the pleasure of entertaining some guests at my residence in celebration of my friends and USA athletes who put their heart and sole into competition to gain pro status.

USA competitors Dave Hughes, Jerome Ferguson and new pro Mike Ergas were very happy to see the carrot cake and fudge brownies whilst Lenda Murray and Dorian Yates caught up on old times over a couple of tequilas.”

Have a look at the pictures of a lean 250 lbs Yates (shoulder surgery has kept him from training for a couple of months, so he lost 5 lbs of muscle…) over at Flex Online’s forum. Dorian also answered questions from fans on the forum and will continue to do so from UK.

Recent pictures of Dorian Yates posted on Flex Online's forum

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Win a trip for two to 2006 Mr. Olympia!

If you live in UK, France or Germany, you can enter a sweepstake to win a trip to 2006 Mr. Olympia! Visit Flex UK, Flex France, and Flex Germany respectively:

“On September 30th 2006 Mr. Olympia, the world’s greatest bodybuilding competition, takes place in America’s capital city of fun, Las Vegas, and you could be there too! Prize draw hosted by TrioNutrition, BSN and FLEX. The prize:

  • 2 return flights to Las Vegas from a suitable airport nearest to the winners home address
  • 1 twin/double room a the Orleans Hotel and Casino, Las vegas
  • 2 tickets to the Mr. Olympia Competition
  • 2 invitations to the BSN after show party plus autographed pictures of Ronnie Coleman, Triple H, and Monica Brant.”

Win a trip for two to 2006 Mr. Olympia!

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