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Which Mr. Olympia do you think will be victorious in 2007?

1) Jay Cutler
2) Ronnie Coleman
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Which Mr. Olympia do you think will win in 2007?

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September 14, 2007 Posted by | Bodybuilding, Competitions, IFBB, Mr. Olympia, Olympia Weekend | 6 Comments presents Jay Cutler in Olympia: The Video Series #12

In the latest installment of Bodybuilding.coms pre-Olympia video series Bob Cicherillo travels to Las Vegas, Nevada, to meet Jay Cutler for an interview in Jay’s home, and a back workout in “Jay’s” Gold’s Gym in Vegas. Five weeks out from Mr. Olympia, what are Cutler’s thoughts?

Watch Mr. Olympia himself, Jay Cutler, get ready for the 2007 Mr. Olympia rematch. Can he beat Ronnie Coleman and Victor Martinez again this year and successfully defend his crown? presents Jay Cutler in Olympia: The Video Series #12

Complete Olympia: The Series Listing with links:

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Jay Cutler is Mr Olympia 2006 – Ronnie Coleman is defeated

Jay Cutler quote after the historic victory:

– They said the champ can’t be taken out. Well you know what? The new champ’s in town. And the Sandow is staying in Las Vegas. And I get to keep my hair. (Jay had promised to shave of his hair if he didn’t win.)

Compare all the Mr. Olympia contestants with each other!

Results 2006 Mr Olympia
September 30, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

  Name Country Round 1+2 Round 3 Round 4 Total
1. Jay CUTLER* USA 12 5 5 22
2. Ronnie COLEMAN* USA 18 10 10 38
3. Victor MARTINEZ* Dominican Republic 34 16 16 66
4. Dexter JACKSON* USA 36 20 19 75
5. Melvin ANTHONY* USA 50 25 26 101
6. Gustavo BADELL* Puerto Rico 62 30 29 121
7. Toney FREEMAN USA 68 35 103
8. Markus RÜHL Germany 84 41 125
9. Dennis JAMES USA 96 47 143
10. Günter SCHLIERKAMP Germany 102 54 156
11. Vince TAYLOR USA 120 50 170
12. Branch WARREN USA 114 61 175
13. Johnnie JACKSON USA 130 67 197
14. Darrem CHARLES Trinidad & Tobago 148 62 210
15. Troy ALVES USA 142 75 217
16. Paco BAUTISTA Spain 160
16. Dennis WOLF Germany 160
16. Rodney ST. CLOUD USA 160
16. Ronny ROCKEL Germany 160
16. Mustafa MOHAMMAD Austria 160
16. David HENRY USA 160
16. Bill WILMORE USA 160
* Qualified for Mr. Olympia 2007

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Is the PDI bodybuilding organization in big trouble?

Sedosi Alhambra of Third Coast Bodybuilding writes about the state of the bodybuilding organizations active today:

“If there’s any truth to reports that are starting to bubble up from on-line sources the nascent PDI organization is in big trouble before even getting started. Not only have they had a high-profile defection (Vince Taylor) but rumor is one of their lower profile pros (Vinny Galanti) is backing out of the Night of Champions now as well.

As of this moment the only two confirmed competitors for the NOC are Lee Priest and Jack “Rhino” London. Since the PDI has no “official” website up and running, they are required to rely on so-called press releases to get the word out in regards to their product.”

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Free Olympia Tickets For US Military Personnel’s subsite for Joe Weider’s 2006 Olympia Weekend was yesterday updated with the following news:

“For the sixth consecutive year, Joe and Ben Weider, and their partners at American Media Inc/Weider Publications, have authorized active-duty military personnel with a valid ID card to attend the Olympia Expo, Mr. Olympia, Ms. Olympia, Fitness Olympia and Figure Olympia competitions free of charge.


To show our gratitude and acknowledge the tremendous sacrifice military personnel go through in service to the country, it is our honor to provide free tickets to members of the Armed Forces. Since 2001, over 3600 military personnel have attended the Olympia events as our special guest and we look forward to meeting and thanking service members for all they do this year,” commented IFBB President Ben Weider.”

Shawn Ray’s Colorado Pro Show also showed support for the troops. From an interview on

“Q: What is the American War Heroes? They are featured on the Colorado Pro site.

A: We are working with the United States military, all branches? The Air Force, the Army, the Navy, the Marines – supporting them. They will have a strong presence there. They will have 30 volunteers for the show. They will have a booth there, with some war heroes and war veterans from Desert Storm and Iraq. Colorado had a very strong military presence. I am going to visit a few of the bases on the way in – they actually have a military show coming up that Melvin Anthony is guest posing at.”

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Joe Weider’s 2006 Olympia Weekend

A July 19th press release has information about the 42nd rendition of the Olympia Weekend. The biggest news are:

  • An increase in Mr. Olympia prize money, $66,000 more than last year. $546,000 this year, with $155,000 going to to the first place competitor (Ronnie Coleman – wanna bet?)
  • New format for Mr. Olympia (prejudging is held in conjunction with the finals for Fitness Olympia and Ms Olympia on Friday night)
  • Women’s contests prejudging (Fitness, Figure and Ms. Olympia) will be held at the Olympia Expo friday afternoon, with the finals for Figure Olympia held Saturday night in conjunction with Mr. Olympia finals.
  • As always, the Expo promises to be bigger than the year before, including “World’s Fittest Model Search”, and SMA Tournament (Sports Martial Arts).

Olympia Ticket Info: To order call the Orleans Arena Box Office at (702) 284-7777 or toll-free at (888) 234 2334. You can also order tickets online at

Joe Weider's 2006 Olympia Weekend

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Radio: New episodes of Hard Body Radio and Muscle Radio avaliable

Wednesdays episodes of the On-Demand Replay and the Podcast of Hard Body Radio and Muscle Radio (weekly one-hour internet radio programs) has been posted:

Jenny Lynn“IFBB Pro Figure superstar, Jenny Lynn, winner of nine pro figure titles including three Ms. International Figure championships, came by for a visit and addressed a host of issues. Jenny talked about why she didn’t make it to the stage at the 2006 International, her feelings about her second place finish at the 2006 Colorado Pro, her onstage battles with Ms. Figure Olympia (and former Hardbody Radio guest) Davana Medina and her current preparation for the upcoming Olympia. Jenny also talked about her role as the IFBB Athlete’s Rep for Figure, how she trains her legs for a show and her upcoming DVD release.”

Muscle Radio had two pro bodybuilders as guests, one coming back from kidney failure, and the always outspoken Vince Taylor:

Don Long“The current episode of Muscle Radio started with an in depth session with IFBB Pro Don Long. As many of you know, Don is planning to compete in the Atlantic City Pro Show in September but needs to get approval from the IFBB to do so in light of the kidney failure he suffered in 1999. Don took advantage of his appearance on the show to tell the WHOLE story, including a new form of dialysis he is on called “nocturnal dialysis”, his current health status, whether he intends to use diuretics and the real reasons that competing in this one event is very important to him.

Vince TaylorNext up, bodybuilding’s most controversial competitor at the moment, Vince Taylor, came on the air and talked about the exact details of the reasons he recently decided not to compete in the PDI and to stay with the IFBB and compete in this year’s Olympia. […] If you want to know exactly why Vince made the choices he made, straight from the man himself, Muscle Radio is the place to get it!”

Hard Body Radio and Muscle Radio airs live back-to-back every Wednesday at 3:05 PM PST and 4:05 PM PST respectively.

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