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Jay Cutler coming to Gothenburg and The Fitness Festival!

The beginner bodybuilding competition Luciapokalen takes place at The Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre in Gothenburg on December 11-12th, at the same time and place as The Fitness Festival fair. The competition celebrates it’s 30th anniversary this year (1980-2010) and has booked several professional bodybuilders for guest posing, foremost Mr. Olympia himself, Jay Cutler!

Jay Cutler is presented by The Fitness Festival in cooperation with

Luciapokalen Facts

  • Sweden’s oldest and biggest beginners competition
  • A special atmosphere
  • Talented competitors
  • New stars are made
  • World class guest posers
  • Room for 1.500 people in the audience

In December the amateur competitors will traditionally march in and disrobe for Luciapokalen Bodybuilding: The World’s Biggest Beginner Bodybuilding Competition!

Other professional bodybuilders that are coming to The Fitness Festival and Luciapokalen: Dennis “The Menace” James, Dorian Yates, James “Flex” Lewis, and Marcus Chacon.

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This weekend in Gothenburg: The Swedish Fitness Festival!

The Swedish Fitness Festival!Scandinavia’s No 1 meeting point for the Scandinavian market!

  • Location: Gothenburg, Sweden
  • Date: December 8-9

The Fitness Festival was first held in its original form in 1986. The festival has grown to become Scandinavia’s natural meeting point for the fitness and wellbeing trends of today and tomorrow. In 2007 the festival is set to be the best ever. Hopefully both where marketing and the number of visitors are concerned. visitor statistics show an ever rising number of visitors and we reckon on welcoming at least 10.000 high quality visitors this year.

The Fitness Festival represents an opportunity for club owners, personal trainers and active people from all over Scandinavia to meet under one roof. And over the course of the festival there will be activities going on all the time to attract visitors from the growing Scandinavian fitness market.

Show Profile

Sports nutrition, fitness and training equipment, wellbeing and beauty, health, care and rehabilitation, consultancy for the fitness & wellbeing sector, aerobics, music and fashion.

The Swedish Fitness Festival!

The Swedish Fitness Festival!

The amateur competitors marching in and disrobing for Luciapokalen Bodybuilding:
The World’s Biggest Beginner Bodybuilding Competition!

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Wanted ad: Person to apply posing oil on fitness & bodybuilding competitors

Person to smear posing oil on fitness athletesThis job ad was posted to Arbetsförmedlingen, a Swedish employment agency with over 325 local offices, on Monday:

Wanted: Posing oil smearer for the Swedish Championships in Bodybuilding/Fitness (1 Position)

We at eSunLess are looking for a nice, energetic person for helping us at the Swedish Championships in Bodybuilding/Fitness, October 13-14 (Saturday-Sunday).

Your duty will be to take care of all the bodybuilding and fitness competitors need for posing oil, right before they step onto stage.

It is important that you are comfortable taking responsibility. Send a photo of yourself.

Salary: 500 Swedish Kroner per day (about US$75).

Best job ever? Wanted: Person to smear posing oil on athletes
In comments to the Swedish media (who naturally picked up on the story after it began to be e-mailed, blogged about and discussed in forums) the companys owner, Luke Ray, said:

The posing oil is extremely important, the amount has to be just right. Too much and the muscles are obscured, and the competitor can place last instead of winning.

Over 70 people have answered the ad – so far. Mostly female applicants in their twenties…

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Update: Now Sweden’s largest tabloid has a report on it’s web-tv channel. Click on the image below to view how the pro explains to the person not familiar with bodybuilding how and why the posing oil is applied:

Person to apply posing oil on fitness & bodybuilding competitors

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Monica Mollica’s finally online – female muscles and dietary advice

Monica Mollica, née Wieckowski, debuted her revamped web site (now in English) on her birthday, April 14th. Monica has written both heavy and lighter scientific dietary articles for the Swedish bodybuilding magazine where I am employed since the beginning of this millennium. Go check her web site out – she knows her stuff!

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Become America’s Next Fitness Star

ExerciseTV is holding auditions for a new show called America’s Next Fitness Star, where you can launch yourself into fitness fame, and receive a one-year paid contract with ExerciseTV to appear in an original series. Entering the contest can be done August 1st – November 30th, 2006:

“Calling all trainers, fitness instructors and health gurus, I’m looking for the next generation of fitness stars. Think you’re the most exciting and motivating fitness talent in America? Think you have the personality to inspire millions to get in shape? Then you could be America’s Next Fitness Star! ExerciseTV presents a nationwide search to launch one innovative instructor into fitness fame.”

ExerciseTV is a television network dedicated to fitness, motivation and sports training and is designed exclusively for video-on-demand (VOD) and emerging media platforms. ExerciseTV was developed by Comcast and Jake Steinfeld of Body by Jake.

Become America's Next Fitness Star

Hat tip: The Eye of FitSights

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Video: Timea Majorova’s promo video for her site

Hips don’t lie… Have a look at international fitness model and world fitness champion Timea Majorova’s promo video for Also have a look at Timea’s official MySpace page!

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The Olympia Weekend webcast schedule is now online

In an earlier post I asked “Will this years webcast from Olympia Weekend suck?“. Now Hard Body Entertainment, the company contracted to produce the television pay-per-view, post-event DVD:s, and live webcast, has released more information about the webcast:

Webcast schedule

The webcast will be able to be viewed at www.hardbodyentertainment.TV:

The webcast will be able to be viewed at www.hardbodyentertainment.TV.

$24.95 will buy you an entire weekend (14 hours) of Olympia experience via the webcast. Things are certainly looking better…

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Cathy LeFrancois Classic: New NPC Show for 2007

Cathy LeFrancois, lightweight division winner at 2003 Ms. International at Arnold Classic, posted big news in her blog on Thursday:

“I want to announce that I have been awarded the opportunity to put on an NPC show! Fresno Classic, promoted by P3Production and Cathy LeFrancois, will be held on March 10, 2007, in Fresno, California.

The show will have all the disciplines the NPC affords. Men’s and women’s bodybuilding, figure and fitness. Come one, come all – it will be a good time for all that attend. All are welcome, from the experienced to the first time competitor. More information will be posted in the days coming.”

Cathy abandoned bodybuilding for figure competitions. In her latest last figure show on May 27th, 2006 California State Pro Figure Championships, Cathy placed 12th out of 31 competitors. But now she is back to bodybuilding:

“I was at the Collegiate Show of Lonnie Teper. I told him that some judges were telling me I should consider maybe going back to bodybuilding because I am in the middle, too big for figure and too small for bb. After we talked we decided that I should do a surprise guest pose! ME? I haven’t trained for the last 2 years at all!

But it didn’t turn out like I thought it would, people did enjoy the impromptu guest posing. Afterwards Lonnie asked the audience what I should do: stay in figure or go back to bodybuilding? By my surprise I had the bodybuilding vote! So thanks to them for bringing me back where I belong and giving me this wonderful motivation to go back to my profession “Pro Bodybuilder”…”

The bodybuilder or the Figure competitor?

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New bodyweight training gear presented at NSCA exhibit

John Briley, Washington Post columnist and veteran gymrat, found a new piece of equipment at the annual conference of the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA):

“Perhaps my favorite, due to its simplicity and relative affordability ($120), was a set of adjustable nylon straps — designed to be attached to almost anything sturdy (tree, door, ceiling joist, NSCA master trainer, etc.) — that allow people to do more than 250 exercises using only the straps and their own body weight. The system weighs less than two pounds and packs down to the size of a sneaker. The trick will be finding that sturdy anchor.”

If you need a gym on the road with you, why not try TRX Fitness Anywhere:

The design of the TRX takes bodyweight training to a new level by enabling unlimited degrees of resistance and a growing library of hundreds of exercises...

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Video: B&K Fitness Classic 2002

70 athletes started at B&K Fitness Classic 2002, Helsinki Culturehouse, Finland, September 28 2002. The competitors held high class and the routines also, and the comparisons took place fast (thanks to all the judges).

The competition had Junior Class, Novice Class, Body Fitness, the official Finnish Championships and Kike Elomaa Classic. The later was also qualifier for top-3 to the World Championships on October 5. The Swedes that visited Helsinki all agreed; We lack fitness competitions of this class in Sweden! In BODY Magazine issue 11/2002 you can find a large photo report from B&K Fitness Classic 2002.

70 athletes started at B&K Fitness Classic 2002, Helsinki Culturehouse, Finland, September 28 2002.

There were many contestants, it took four lines to fit them all on stage!

The comparison round in two-piece bikini – look at the differences in height!

Here we see the winners, Marjo Krishi, routine, trophy and get an interview.

B&K Fitness Classic, routines, part 1

B&K Fitness Classic, routines, part 2

B&K Fitness Classic, routines, part 3

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HardFitness Online Magazine Issue #19 is now online

Editor Juan Carlos Lopez has just finished the 19th issue of HardFitness Online Magazine. Cover model is new IFBB Pro Jamie Senuk:

“We have a new section that should be running monthly: “Ask Misty Green”. Some noteworthy articles are “How to Stay Relaxed” by Kaisa Piippo, 3 different stories about Canadian Nationals and a review with photos of the Tara Scotti party. Reviews of the USA’s and Team Universe shows are also included.” is busting Juan Carlos chops a bit in the Eye of FitSights blog:

“JC Lopez does a great job of capturing multiple images of just about every competitor, which is helpful to athletes and fans alike. I have to bust his chops, however, on the amount of bandwidth he must have used on to come up with some of the outlandish terminology sprinkled throughout his NPC USA report.

Come again? Quotidian task? An omen or augury? Betide? What the.. am I reading a report from a bodybuilding show, or a Tolstoy novel?”

HardFitness Online Magazine Issue #19 is now online

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From 2007 Arnold Sports Festival includes amateur Bodybuilding, Fitness, and Figure championships

For Immediate Release: August 4, 2006:

The Arnold Sports Festival 2007 will premiere the two-day Arnold Amateur Bodybuilding, Fitness, and Figure Championships Friday, March 2 and Saturday, March 3 in Columbus, Ohio. This exciting and inspirational two-day event will showcase the aspiring talents of top male and female competitors from across the United States vying for top amateur status in men’s and women’s bodybuilding, and women’s fitness and figure.

The Arnold Amateur Bodybuilding, Fitness, and Figure Championships is expected to attract high caliber athletes from across the United States who have already placed in the top five or won at national qualifiers. The event will be judged by top judges from the NPC (the National Physique Committee). The total number of athletes accepted to compete will be limited. The first 15 athletes who register and meet the qualifying requirements to enter the men’s and women’s bodybuilding divisions will be accepted. The first 20 Fitness athletes and Figure athletes that register and meet the eligibility requirements will be accepted into the competition. The registration deadline is January 15, 2007.

Sponsorship inquiries are welcome for the Arnold Amateur Bodybuilding, Fitness, and Figure Championships by telephoning Bob Lorimer at 614/430-5962 or Mike Davies at 614/521-3510 or visit

For more information please visit”

There is also a blog to answer any questions you may have concerning the Arnold Classic Amateur Bodybuilding, Fitness, and Figure Championships.

There is now a discussion tread on the subject over at Muscle Mayhem, everyone seems optimistic about this development.

From 2007 Arnold Sports Festival includes amateur Bodybuilding, Fitness, and Figure championships

August 5, 2006 Posted by | Arnold Sports Festival, Blogroll, Bodybuilding, Competitions, Figure, Fitness | 4 Comments’s August issue online is an website in the form of an “online magazine”, that aims to be a complete resource for active women. It aims to appeal to the most serious competitor as well as the casual enthusiast who just wants to learn the best way to improve their body and health. Read more in the August issue:'s August issue online

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99-year-old ‘Gym Rat’ An Inspiration

RossTrainings blog points out a story about a fellow gymrat, Bins Chien, a 99-year-old man, who trains three times per week at the gym:

“His story is beyond inspirational.  His real-life example is a testament to the capability of the human body. I recommend that everyone take a minute to read through the full article. Bins Chien has certainly shown us all that NO ONE is too old for exercise.  His fitness routine has certainly added vivacity to his life.”

In a related inspirational tale, MSNBC writes about Mary Stroebe, an 88-year-old woman who trains for a triathlon:

“The July 15 triathlon — a succession of swimming, biking and running that tests even the most hardened athletes’ wills and stamina — will be Stroebe’s 12th.

“I think I’m young so I act like it. I don’t realize how old I am,” she said. “I’m in good health and good shape. I’ve stayed active the whole time. Those are things that pay off.”

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DVD: Learn how to pose like a Fitness & Figure Pro

IFBB Fitness Professional Julie LohreIFBB Fitness Professional Julie Lohre’s DVD ‘Ultimate Posing Guide for Fitness & Figure‘ has recently been released. The DVD is region free, and in it you can take part of Julie’s advice from her personal experience competing in 13 shows. Also, for posing advice in person, check out Julie’s blog, which lists dates for her Posing Clinics.

“Great posing can make the difference between winning the show and missing out on a top five placing. To be competitive, you MUST have great posing technique. In this video, you will learn:

  • What the Judges are looking for
  • Step by step instruction for the mandatory poses
  • Multiple options for the relaxed pose
  • Tips to make your presentation unique & perfect for YOUR body
  • Actual contest footage, along with tons of photos of IFBB Pros & National Level NPC competitors, including quarter turns & presentation
  • Posing practice sessions along with me”

Learn how to pose like a Fitness & Figure Pro

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