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Swedish female bodybuilder, 51, profiled by The New York Times

In todays edition of The New York Times Eva Birath, a Swedish female bodybuilder who started competing at 47, is profiled in the article “At 51, Establishing a New Body of Work“. Visit Evas home page and blog!

Eva Birath’s decision to go from a harried marketing executive to professional bodybuilder was an almost-unheard-of career change.

In December 2002, Eva was laid off. Birath sold her house and moved into an apartment. She sold her car. She had no idea what to do next.

She began going to a nearby gym, where one of the regulars told her she had a good physique for bodybuilding. She found out about a tournament to be held the following December and she signed up, despite knowing virtually nothing about the sport — how to diet, how to train, how to pose.

“It was very unusual for someone to begin bodybuilding at my age, but I thought my age was one bit of the challenge,” said Birath, who is now 51. “I think all people have preconceptions, like that bodybuilders are all stupid. I think I probably thought bodybuilders were a bit stupid, too.”

Swedish female bodybuilder Eva Birath, 51, profiled in The New York Times

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Monica Mollica’s finally online – female muscles and dietary advice

Monica Mollica, née Wieckowski, debuted her revamped web site (now in English) on her birthday, April 14th. Monica has written both heavy and lighter scientific dietary articles for the Swedish bodybuilding magazine where I am employed since the beginning of this millennium. Go check her web site out – she knows her stuff!

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Women’s Physique World releases a new web site:

Women’s Physique World has several different packages for accessing their picture and video content, and recently they added another:

“We just released our new WPWGold web site.  WPWGold members get every NEW photo club and MPEG movies from every NEW video that we put up each month on our web sites — all for only $19.95.  Unlike our Platinum sites that have the best of what we released one year ago  and before, our WPWGold site has everything that goes up NEW each month.”

Women’s Physique World releases a new web site:

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Video: Lonnie Teper interviews Marika Johansson

On you can see Lonnie Teper interviewing IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Marika “Da Freaka” Johansson, originally from Sweden, now living in LA. She is competing in Europa Super Show next weekend. Click image below for a direct link to the video:

Lonnie Teper interviews Marika Johansson

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Video: Timea Majorova’s promo video for her site

Hips don’t lie… Have a look at international fitness model and world fitness champion Timea Majorova’s promo video for Also have a look at Timea’s official MySpace page!

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Andrulla Blanchette and Valentina Chepiga news

Gene X Hwang writes on the blog on Genex Online Magazine:

“The only time there were two Ms. Olympias was (in 2000) when Andrulla Blanchette (older interview on and Valentina Chepiga (older interview on won it together as the classes were split up. Andrulla is back training some but also has some of her suits and such on auction at eBay now while Valentina is planning a comeback for the 2007 Olympia!”

Andrulla Blanchette Ms.Olympia 2000 Competition Bikini

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Video: Rachel McLish, Ms. Olympia 1980 & 1982, posing on stage

Read more on Rachel McLish at Wikipedia. Rachel became an inductee to the IFBB Hall of Fame in 1999:

“Rachel McLish merits special historical significance in the sport of women’s bodybuilding. This honor comes by virtue of winning the inaugural United States Championships in 1980, as well as that year’s first-ever IFBB Ms. Olympia contest.

In an unparalleled period of mainstream exposure, Rachel was the center of much attention; the 1985 movie release Pumping Iron II: The Women focused on her participation in the 1983 Caesar’s World Cup.”

Hat tip:

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HardFitness Online Magazine Issue #19 is now online

Editor Juan Carlos Lopez has just finished the 19th issue of HardFitness Online Magazine. Cover model is new IFBB Pro Jamie Senuk:

“We have a new section that should be running monthly: “Ask Misty Green”. Some noteworthy articles are “How to Stay Relaxed” by Kaisa Piippo, 3 different stories about Canadian Nationals and a review with photos of the Tara Scotti party. Reviews of the USA’s and Team Universe shows are also included.” is busting Juan Carlos chops a bit in the Eye of FitSights blog:

“JC Lopez does a great job of capturing multiple images of just about every competitor, which is helpful to athletes and fans alike. I have to bust his chops, however, on the amount of bandwidth he must have used on to come up with some of the outlandish terminology sprinkled throughout his NPC USA report.

Come again? Quotidian task? An omen or augury? Betide? What the.. am I reading a report from a bodybuilding show, or a Tolstoy novel?”

HardFitness Online Magazine Issue #19 is now online

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Annie Rivieccios countdown pics for the 2006 Ms. Olympia

Annie Rivieccio will be posting photos of her shape until she competes in 2006 Ms. Olympia on her blog. Last year Annie won the heavyweight class at New York Pro Championships and came 13th at 2005 Ms. Olympia. It was her first time competing in the Ms Olympia and her fifth pro show overall.

“This year I will start posting some countdown pics of my prep for the Ms. O. I am so excited to get to compete…again! I will begin posting the pics on Friday each week starting this Friday so please check back to see my progress. I weigh 166lbs right now. I started my diet at 8 weeks this time because I have a terrible time sticking to a diet…”

Annie Rivieccios countdown pics for the 2006 Ms. Olympia

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