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Jay Cutler coming to Gothenburg and The Fitness Festival!

The beginner bodybuilding competition Luciapokalen takes place at The Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre in Gothenburg on December 11-12th, at the same time and place as The Fitness Festival fair. The competition celebrates it’s 30th anniversary this year (1980-2010) and has booked several professional bodybuilders for guest posing, foremost Mr. Olympia himself, Jay Cutler!

Jay Cutler is presented by The Fitness Festival in cooperation with

Luciapokalen Facts

  • Sweden’s oldest and biggest beginners competition
  • A special atmosphere
  • Talented competitors
  • New stars are made
  • World class guest posers
  • Room for 1.500 people in the audience

In December the amateur competitors will traditionally march in and disrobe for Luciapokalen Bodybuilding: The World’s Biggest Beginner Bodybuilding Competition!

Other professional bodybuilders that are coming to The Fitness Festival and Luciapokalen: Dennis “The Menace” James, Dorian Yates, James “Flex” Lewis, and Marcus Chacon.

Scandinavia’s No 1 meeting point for the Scandinavian market!

  • Location: Gothenburg, Sweden
  • Date: December 11-12

The Fitness Festival was first held in its original form in 1986. The festival has grown to become Scandinavia’s natural meeting point for the fitness and wellbeing trends of today and tomorrow. In 2010 the festival is set to be the best ever. Hopefully both where marketing and the number of visitors are concerned. visitor statistics show an ever rising number of visitors and we reckon on welcoming at least 15.000 high quality visitors this year.

The Fitness Festival represents an opportunity for club owners, personal trainers and active people from all over Scandinavia to meet under one roof. And over the course of the festival there will be activities going on all the time to attract visitors from the growing Scandinavian fitness market.

Show Profile

Sports nutrition, fitness and training equipment, wellbeing and beauty, health, care and rehabilitation, consultancy for the fitness & wellbeing sector, aerobics, music and fashion.

The Swedish Fitness Festival!

The Swedish Fitness Festival!


September 11, 2010 - Posted by | Bodybuilding, Female Nordic Athletes, Fitness, Male Nordic Athletes, Mr. Olympia


  1. Jay Cutler doesn’t get much respect in the bodybuilding magazines, with them always talking about his weaknesses and undeserving wins. But, he certainly has to be considered the biggest star in the bodybuilding world right now.

    Comment by poker affiliate resource | October 17, 2010 | Reply

  2. Well… you can’t keep a good man down. Jay Cutler doesn’t know how to quit I guess. He’s the third Mr Olympia in history (other than Arnold Schwarzenegger and Franco Columbu) to reclaim the title, and the only Mr Olympia to actually reclaim it after having lost it, by returning to defeat the reigning champion. Nice job 🙂

    Comment by Does P90X Work | October 2, 2011 | Reply

  3. jay cutler still has a great bodybuilding physique, a lot of people call jay cutler the fridge which i think is a bit harsh really, just a very big frame, needed to carry superior mass is a all.

    Comment by bodybuilder | May 8, 2012 | Reply

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