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Mr. Olympia is the real Jay Cutler

Not Mr. OlympiaThe Pueblo Chieftain Sports Editor Judy Hildner writes in the article And now, will real Jay Cutler please stand up? about the two Jay Cutlers in the news. There’s the one playing as quarterback for Denver Broncos (online profile):

Jay Cutler looks like just another nice, young guy. Pounding the weights hasn’t melted away the little double chin that softens his face and belies his status as the new Denver Broncos’ quarterback savior at the age of 24.

And there’s the Jay Cutler that is Mr. Olympia:

Then there’s the other Jay Cutler, a one-man operation, a 33-year-old professional bodybuilder who was born and raised in Massachusetts.

His job is bodybuilding. In his autobiography on the Web site, Cutler said he played football in high school but loved the competition of bodybuilding the first time he stepped on a stage wearing just a skimpy bathing suit.

Finishing the article, she writes:

The Broncos’ Cutler is a cottage industry connected to every Denver fan in the Rocky Mountain area. The spotlight will be unbearably bright for him at times.

Jay Cutler the bodybuilder has to create his own bright lights.

Things sure were easier when the names Ronnie Coleman or Dorian Yates currently was associated with the Mr. Olympia title…

Which Jay Cutler do you think is the more famous? World wide, which is the biggest celebrity?

Mr. Olympia is the real Jay Cutler

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Swedish IFBB Pro bodybuilder Martin Kjellström getting ready to do battle

martin_kjellstrom.pngOne of Sweden’s IFBB Pro bodybuilders, Martin Kjellström, is getting ready to start his diet. He will be competing in Santa Susanna Pro Grand Prix in Spain on September 23rd. The Grand Prix awards the top-3 placed athletes with qualifications to the Mr. Olympia 2007 competition, and Martin aims to climb onto the podium. First place is arguably Spain’s Francisco ‘Paco’ Bautista’s to loose – he won last year and it is his home turf…

At his last competition, Grand Prix Australia 2007, Martin took 4th place, after Dexter Jackson, Ronny Rockel, and Vince Taylor respectively. On 5th place, after Martin, was Hidetada Yamagishi from Japan, the perhaps fastest rising male IFBB star of 2007.

On Martins official web site (now with a new blog) recent photos of his off season shape has been published, and updates is promised. Fredrik Carlsson, a friend of Martins, is hosting a video of Martins shape eleven weeks out from St Susanna GP:

A video of Martins Kjellströms shape eleven weeks out from St Susanna GP.

Santa Susanna Pro Grand Prix 2007 in Spain will take place on September 23rd.

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Wendy the Whippet, a mutant double muscled dog, has internet abuzz

On June 25th a dog got her day, but not for saving Timmy from the well or her racing abilities. The Canadian newspaper Victoria Times Colonist then published the story about a muscular dog, which has a mutation of the myostatin gene. The owner is now juggling the international media attention and Wendy even has an offer of a role in a sci-fi series! Read the original article and the followup:

Wendy the Whippet has a genetic disorder that has resulted in an exceptionally muscular appearance. You might mistake her for a pitbull with a tiny head, but she is a whippet. Whippets usually are quite muscular, and at the same time petite. Wendy is a 27-kilogram rippling mass of muscle, two times the size of normal female whippets.

I’m a nice doggy. Really, don’t be afraid…

Mutant double muscled whippet has internet abuzz

Check out the ham development below! Tom Platz is green with envy…

Wendy the Whippet, a mutant double muscled dog, has internet abuzz

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