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Justin Timberlake bulks up with pro bodybuilders personal trainer

The movie Alpha Dog premiered this weekend, and stars amongst others Justin Timberlake. The story is based on a real kidnapping- and murder case. The brother of director is Frankie Cassavetes, which after 27 years in United States Marines switched to a civilian career as personal trainer and strength coach.

He’s said to be one of the most busy trainers at Gold’s Gym in Venice and has trained many well-known actors such as Denzel Washington (John Q), Robert Duvall (Assassination Tango), Ray Liotta, Sean Penn and Charlie Sheen. He’s also helped train IFBB pros such as Kelly Ryan, Flex Wheeler, Chris Cormier, Paul Dillett and Craig Titus…

Justin bulks up?


January 15, 2007 - Posted by | Bodybuilding, Personal Training, Video


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