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Video: The Great Regurgitator

The blog Attu sees all tells us of amazing feats from Stevie Starr, ‘The Great Regurgitator’:

“A young man with a Scottish accent greets an eager crowd. He holds up a light bulb, pops it into his mouth, and swallows it whole. The stunned silence turns into deafening applause.

This is the beginning of the most astonishing act you will ever see. A bizarre phenomenon in the world of showbiz, this ginger-haired, slightly built, thirty-four year-old baffles his audiences by swallowing a variety of items and then bringing them up again, not only dry and clean, but…to order.”

Damn Interesting has more information about these acts:

“The trick of a regurgitator’s act is simply a matter of controlled vomiting – learning to exercise the muscles of the stomach and throat at will, particularly the esophageal sphincters.”

Museum of Hoaxes has more information about Stevie Starr…


August 15, 2006 - Posted by | Video

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