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Wellness communities attract residents who wants healthy lifestyles writes about a new trend, still in it’s infancy:

“Locations can foster all sorts of lifestyle choices – good and bad. For those who want to achieve or maintain healthy lifestyles, there are now planned “wellness” communities springing up around the United States. They create atmospheres where regular exercise, nutritious diets and avoiding unhealthy habits is the norm.

“Wellness” communities go beyond just having facilities such as golf courses, spas, gyms and biking trails.

These new places hire trainers, nutritionists and wellness directors who lead workshops on avoiding disease, put together work-out regimens and diets, lead hikes and biking trips, teach rock-climbing and show residents how to get the most out of their workouts. They act as gurus as well, leading spiritual exercises and demonstrating stress-reduction techniques.”

More about the communities mentioned by CNNMoney: Montesoro, Calistoga Ranch, and the Cliffs Communities.

Hat tip: Diamond Cut


August 12, 2006 - Posted by | Exercise, Fitness Trends, Health

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