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Strange beliefs…

Jim Caple, a senior writer for, wrote a Page 2 column called “What we believe in“.

“A recent Harris poll determined that half of the American public believes Iraq had weapons of mass destruction even though the Pentagon and U.S. weapons inspectors strongly deny such claims. Should we be surprised by these survey results? Not really. Just consider the bizarre beliefs we stubbornly cling to in sports:

  • We believe we can have six-pack abs with a 12-minute workout just three days a week.
  • We believe Barry Bonds got so big by taking steroids, HGH and testosterone but our team’s players got big and strong by eating cans of spinach and working out more. Similarly, we believe all U.S. Olympians are clean but that all European and Chinese athletes are dirty.
  • We believe that performance enhancers such as steroids and HGH will kill you but that performance enhancers that can cause four-hour erections, headaches and loss of vision are healthy.”

August 12, 2006 - Posted by | Humor

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