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Nude sunbather, former bodybuilder, wants dog by his side

Since The Smoking Gun released the documents on july 13th, the story has subsequently been picked up by news outlets worldwide… sums the case up:

“Mark DelCore, a former bodybuilder, is suing for the right to sunbathe nude with his rat terrier, Cheekies with him. His argument states that because he suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder he needs his dog with him.

While leaving a gym in lower Manhattan he was exposed to toxins from the World Trade Center and it caused a skin condition that sunbathing helps. The beach DelCore favors is a “clothing optional” one, yet only allows guide dogs on it.”

Elizabeth Rozner at The New York Times writes about the attention this story has been getting:

“Meanwhile, though, the extent of the news coverage this case has received suggests that there is more than an environmental or legal debate inspiring so much fascination and conversation. I can’t help feeling that titillation is the key. Plovers, dogs, they’re not the point. Most of the talk seems to keep returning to those key phrases about nudity and a public beach.

I’m willing to believe that sunshine offers therapeutic benefit for Mr. DelCore’s skin condition, and that his dog truly provides him with emotional support and comfort. Is it just that we don’t want him (or anyone) to walk around naked where we might see them?”

New York Daily News reports that the man has dropped the suit:

“Mark DelCore withdrew his legal action against the Fire Island National Seashore, citing his poor health.

“I do not possess the stamina or physical continuity necessary to continue this complaint,” he wrote in an Aug. 7 letter to Federal Judge Joseph Bianco of U.S. District Court in Central Islip, L.I.”


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