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Vegan bodybuilders gathers in Portland, Oregon

Portland seems to be the center for real life gatherings of vegan bodybuilders, internet being the virtual. The Oregonian makes fun reports of the subculture within the subculture of bodybuilding. The question; is vegan bodybuilding an oxymoron?

“Vegans have visited Portland for a gathering of like-minded weightlifters and other athletes that ends tonight. The conference, Vegan Vacations, started last week and has included a vegan cooking demonstration, a visit to an animal sanctuary and plenty of workouts. Some events, Cheeke said, have drawn more than two dozen people.

It’s been so much fun that Robert Cheeke, who owns a company called Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness, wants to host a similar gathering every year in Portland, which is known worldwide as a vegan-friendly city.”

Live and let live… Even more can be found at the Vegan Fitness discussion forum: “Vegan Fitness for people into healthy and compassionate living.”

Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness

Based on this post, had an Anti-Vegan Day:

“If God, Gaia, nature, evolution or the hippie overlords who live above in shadow didn’t want us to eat meat, those teeth wouldn’t be there. The canines are the longest and strongest teeth in your mouth, because meat is important.

And trying to build muscle without meat and dairy is like trying to ride a bicycle with one’s feet tied together: it might be possible, but why would anybody bother?”


August 10, 2006 - Posted by | Bodybuilding, Diet, Health


  1. That’s like saying, if you have to commute form Portland to Salem every day, why would you want to drive a Ford Focus instead of a Ford Excursion?

    Bill Pearl is a bodybuilder I have looked up to for a number of years. I just found out that he has been vegan for a number of years. Amazing.

    Comment by Jaye Bentley Zenz | January 26, 2007 | Reply

  2. this is a tired argument from meat eaters. vegans are not so dumb as to think they are not built to eat meat, or that there are NO benefits to doing so. but for those meat eaters who still think our sole reason for not eating meat is because animals are cute, it’s trendy, or whatever mislead perception you have — i wish you would do some soul searching as well as some research. maybe then you will see that many people become vegan because it’s socially and environmentally conscious, and that if business and agriculture were not what they were today, we might be able to eat meat and not choke on the injustice of it.

    Comment by grier | December 2, 2008 | Reply

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