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Soy sauce made out of human hair

This should make dieting much easier. If you have a taste for food after reading this, you are stone cold! Blogger Lou Minatti asks “You want some human hair with your eggroll?“:

“A team of journalists from the state-run China Central Television (CCTV) investigated the production of the Hongshuai Soy Sauce. The Chinese journalists went to the food seasoning manufacturer in Hubei province. They pretended to be buyers and enquired about the soy sauce ingredients. The source was human hair. But wait, it gets better.

“Because the human hair was gathered from salons, barbershops and hospitals around the country, it was unhygienic and mixed with condoms, used hospital cottons, used menstrual cycle pads, used syringes, etc. After being filtered by the workers, the hair would then be cut small for processing into amino acid syrup.”

The original report can be found in The Internet Journal of Toxicology:

“The reason for the food seasoning manufacturer using human hair to generate amino acid syrup for making soy sauce is economic. Human hair is cheap and rich in protein content, similar to soybean, wheat and bran, which gives the soy sauce its characteristic favour.”

Museum of Hoaxes has another view:

“But what the article doesn’t mention, but which I believe to be true, is that soy sauce isn’t the only food product made out of this cheap hair-made amino acid powder. The stuff is also sold in large quantities to the bakery industry which uses it as a source of L-cysteine to make dough softer and more elastic. Think about that next time you’re chewing on a bagel.”

The soy sauce sourec ingredient was human hair...


August 8, 2006 - Posted by | Diet, Humor

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