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Rocky statue struggles to find a new home

First of all, don’t miss the Rocky VI trailer at Apple – Movie Trailers. It kicks ass!

The half-ton bronze statue of Rocky currently sits in storage, since Philadelphia’s Art Commission objects to moving the statue to the foot of the Philadelphia Museum of Art steps, “questioning its artistic value…”. CBC writes:

“An attempt to move a bronze statue of the movie character Rocky Balboa to the foot of the Philadelphia Museum of Art has been quashed. Sylvester Stallone donated the statue of himself playing the underdog boxer from the film series Rocky.

Stallone immortalized the museum in the first film in 1976 with a triumphant run up its steps as Rocky, his fists pumping in the air as he got to the top, accompanied by the exultant Rocky theme.”

More about the Rocky statue(s):, Philadelphia Oddities, and a discussion about the placement at Or why not visit the offical movie blog for more news about the film, opening December 22nd, 2006… In other news, you know you are from Philadelphia when…

…You know (knew) where to find the Rocky statue.

The statue of a triumphant Rocky Balbo is now in storage...


August 8, 2006 - Posted by | Rocky, Sylvester Stallone

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