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Weightlifting: European Youth Championships 2006

European Youth Championships 2006

The European Youth Championships 2006 was held in Landskrona, Sweden, July 23-30. Eleiko Worldwide Weightlifting News in cooperation with the International Weightlifting Agency Berlin, has provided daily reports and pictures:

European Youth Championships 2006 – Report 1

“The “Landskrona Idrottshall” is now summoning to the 16th European Youth Championships for young men and to the 13th for the young ladies. Since the age limit was changed in 2003 in Dortmund from 16 to 17, this is the fourth tournament of the “new era”.”

European Youth Championships 2006 – Report 2

“The performances that were crowned with European Youth records were outstanding: Matveeva clean & jerked 71 kg, Buci snatched 113 kg and achieved 254 kg overall − in clean & jerk he was just one kilo below his European Youth record from the Junior World Championships in Hangzhou. De la Puente snatched 76 kg.”

European Youth Championships 2006 – Report 3

“Pure commition in the 62 kg competition. “One of the Cypriots will win…”. All warning lights were on amongst the busy organisers. No flag and no national anthem − they weren’t in the Cypriot lifters’ luggage. They were in a quandary. The flag of Cyprus was procured from somewhere and the anthem downloaded from the internet…”

European Youth Championships 2006 – Report 4

“These are the first European Youth Championships in weightlifting for which its very own pop hit was composed. It is called “Heavyweight Champion” and was composed and written by Kenta Edvardsen from Skara. He was inspired by Magnus Kjellgren who handles the very good competition website here in Landskrona.”

European Youth Championships 2006 – Report 5

“The key word ELEIKO electrifies in weightlifting circles. No wonder because the Swedish world-renowned products are in demand in more than 150 countries. Apart from this, the company for barbells and accessories was created out of a small factory that manufactured electrical items.”

European Youth Championships 2006 – Report 6

“People in Landskrona were interested in finding out the “secret” of the German upswing over the last years. A reason for such a success is certainly the excellent team of coaches where the successful lifter from Munich Manfred Nerlinger and his colleague from Görlitz Thomas Faselt are also integration figures for the others. This also has an effect on the team’s good spirits.”

European Youth Championships 2006 – Report 7

“The “heavy day” to close the European Youth Championships was quite something. In the penultimate competition for young men up to 94 kg, 14 lifters crowded onto the platform for the presentation.”

European Youth Championships 2006. Anna Halldén snatches 60 kilograms.


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