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Win 2 VIP tickets to Austrian PRO GP in Graz

If you have shot a good bodybuilding photo you can enter a contest held by, and win 2 VIP tickets to Austrian PRO GP in Graz:

“We want to see how good you are on camera! Simply send us the best Bodybuilding photo you ever took and win 2 VIP tickets to the number one Pro contest in Europe! See Ronnie Coleman, Jay Cutler, Markus Ruhl, Ronny Rockel and many more IFBB Pro superstars onstage i n Graz on October 9th!

Pick the best photo you ever made and send it via e-mail to (any BB athletes – amateur or pro – onstage, backstage, outside, at expos, at guest posings… Any Bodybuilding picture will qualify you to particiapate in our drawing of 2 VIP tickets for Graz) the winner will be notified via e-mail on September 30th!”

IFBB Pro Grand Prix, Austria


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Become America’s Next Fitness Star

ExerciseTV is holding auditions for a new show called America’s Next Fitness Star, where you can launch yourself into fitness fame, and receive a one-year paid contract with ExerciseTV to appear in an original series. Entering the contest can be done August 1st – November 30th, 2006:

“Calling all trainers, fitness instructors and health gurus, I’m looking for the next generation of fitness stars. Think you’re the most exciting and motivating fitness talent in America? Think you have the personality to inspire millions to get in shape? Then you could be America’s Next Fitness Star! ExerciseTV presents a nationwide search to launch one innovative instructor into fitness fame.”

ExerciseTV is a television network dedicated to fitness, motivation and sports training and is designed exclusively for video-on-demand (VOD) and emerging media platforms. ExerciseTV was developed by Comcast and Jake Steinfeld of Body by Jake.

Become America's Next Fitness Star

Hat tip: The Eye of FitSights

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A virtual powerlifting meet for international bloggers

The Finnish powerlifter Kristoffer Lindqvist (and blogger: Under the Bar), suggested a brilliant idea to bring together strength training bloggers in an RAW and Natural Open Virtual Powerlifting Meet:

“The idea of staging an international raw meet with near simultaneous lifting venues around the world has been brewing in my head for at least a year now. I don’t know about you, but personally I feel this could give us bloggers the opportunity to be a bit hordish in the spirit of camaraderie and learning from each other. Besides, the idea is wickedly cool, isn’t it?”

Yes, it certainly is, Kristoffer! Here’s a picture from his one-man RAW meet:

One-man RAW meet

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Video: Lonnie Teper interviews Marika Johansson

On you can see Lonnie Teper interviewing IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Marika “Da Freaka” Johansson, originally from Sweden, now living in LA. She is competing in Europa Super Show next weekend. Click image below for a direct link to the video:

Lonnie Teper interviews Marika Johansson

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Video: Timea Majorova’s promo video for her site

Hips don’t lie… Have a look at international fitness model and world fitness champion Timea Majorova’s promo video for Also have a look at Timea’s official MySpace page!

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Video: Ronnie Coleman – Best of Megacut

The German Team-Andro has posted a best-of collection from Ronnie Coleman’s videos shot by Mitsuru Okabe. It’s not the usual collection of max lifts, but still pretty awesome thanks to the cutting and the soundtrack:

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59 potential bidders are eying Flex Magazine and Muscle & Fitness

New York Post Online Edition has an update on American Medias sale of five magazine titles, including Flex Magazine and Muscle & Fitness:

“Bondholders have given beleaguered tabloid titan American Media permission to postpone its pending financial restatements as the company continues to revamp its finances. Chief Executive David Pecker said the process of selling five of its titles – including FLEX, Muscle & Fitness and Country Weekly – was going well.

Pecker said 59 potential bidders had so far signed confidentiality agreements allowing initial discussions to begin. These comprised 46 so-called financial buyers and 13 media companies. “We will begin management presentations in September and hope to announce a transaction by the end of the calendar year,” Pecker said.”

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The Olympia Weekend webcast schedule is now online

In an earlier post I asked “Will this years webcast from Olympia Weekend suck?“. Now Hard Body Entertainment, the company contracted to produce the television pay-per-view, post-event DVD:s, and live webcast, has released more information about the webcast:

Webcast schedule

The webcast will be able to be viewed at www.hardbodyentertainment.TV:

The webcast will be able to be viewed at www.hardbodyentertainment.TV.

$24.95 will buy you an entire weekend (14 hours) of Olympia experience via the webcast. Things are certainly looking better…

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Is the PDI bodybuilding organization in big trouble?

Sedosi Alhambra of Third Coast Bodybuilding writes about the state of the bodybuilding organizations active today:

“If there’s any truth to reports that are starting to bubble up from on-line sources the nascent PDI organization is in big trouble before even getting started. Not only have they had a high-profile defection (Vince Taylor) but rumor is one of their lower profile pros (Vinny Galanti) is backing out of the Night of Champions now as well.

As of this moment the only two confirmed competitors for the NOC are Lee Priest and Jack “Rhino” London. Since the PDI has no “official” website up and running, they are required to rely on so-called press releases to get the word out in regards to their product.”

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DVD: The Incredible Hulk – The Complete First Season finally released on DVD

The complete first season of the hit 80’s TV series, The Incredible Hulk, starring the late Bill Bixby and Lou Ferrigno has finally been released on DVD! It is on sale now at Here’s the trailer for the DVD release:

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Low testosterone levels associated with increased risk of death in men

If you are a male over the age of 40, go check up regularly, and have your doctor look at your testosterone levels; EurekAlert writes:

“Men who have a low testosterone level after age 40 may have a higher risk of death over a four-year period than those with normal levels of the hormone, according to a report in the August 14/28 issue of Archives of Internal Medicine.

Men with low testosterone levels had an 88 percent increase in risk of death compared with those who had normal levels. When the researchers considered other variables that may influence risk of death, such as age, other illnesses and body mass index, the association between low testosterone levels and death persisted.”

There are more diseases/conditions that science associate with low testosterone levels, such as an increased Alzheimer risk:

“Older men with lower blood levels of testosterone, the primary male sex hormone, could have a higher risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease than older men with comparatively higher testosterone levels. Researchers funded by the National Institute on Aging (NIA) report preliminary data supporting this conclusion in the January 2004 issue of Neurology.”

The May issue of Life Extension Magazine has an article explaining what they think is the 10 most important blood tests. In the article introduction we learn:

“Sadly, most annual medical check-ups involve the physician ordering only routine blood tests, if blood tests are ordered at all. Far too often, this blood work does not even test for important markers of disease risk. The consequences of failing to analyze blood for proven markers of disease risk are needless disability and death.

Blood tests have benefits that go far beyond disease prevention. In this article, we discuss the 10 most important blood tests that people over the age of 40 should have each year. Armed with the results of these tests, aging adults can work together with their physicians to avert serious health problems and achieve optimal health.”

And under subheading 9. Testosterone we can read:

“In men, testosterone levels normally decline with age, dropping to approximately 65% of young adult levels by age 75. This drop in testosterone is partially responsible for the significant physiological changes seen in aging men.

Low levels of testosterone are associated with numerous adverse health conditions, including diminished libido, metabolic syndrome, erectile dysfunction, loss of muscle tone, increased abdominal fat, low bone density, depression, Alzheimer’s disease, type II diabetes, and atherosclerosis. New research shows that low testosterone levels are a risk factor for ischemic heart disease in men.”

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Video: The Great Regurgitator

The blog Attu sees all tells us of amazing feats from Stevie Starr, ‘The Great Regurgitator’:

“A young man with a Scottish accent greets an eager crowd. He holds up a light bulb, pops it into his mouth, and swallows it whole. The stunned silence turns into deafening applause.

This is the beginning of the most astonishing act you will ever see. A bizarre phenomenon in the world of showbiz, this ginger-haired, slightly built, thirty-four year-old baffles his audiences by swallowing a variety of items and then bringing them up again, not only dry and clean, but…to order.”

Damn Interesting has more information about these acts:

“The trick of a regurgitator’s act is simply a matter of controlled vomiting – learning to exercise the muscles of the stomach and throat at will, particularly the esophageal sphincters.”

Museum of Hoaxes has more information about Stevie Starr…

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The Terror Diet: Stephen King on dieting

Stephen King looks at new ways to take off extra weight by:

“I hadn’t found a single diet that tried to scare people thin. Can you imagine? In a society that’s currently going bugwit about anthrax and North Korean missiles? Not one. And that’s just wrong. It was a short jump from there to what follows. Here, then, are the high points of what I call (modestly) the Terror Diet.”

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Liverpool installs gym equipment in library

Exercise equipment, supplied by Technogym, has been installed at Liverpool’s Central Library. Instructors will be on hand to supervise and offer advice. If successful, the project will be rolled out to libraries across Liverpool. Wow! has more on the story:

“The idea is to encourage library users to “build fit bodies as well as fit minds”, said council fitness manager Mark Jones. But he assured book lovers the new mini-gyms would not spoil the hushed atmosphere at Liverpool’s Central Library on William Brown Street, where the scheme is being piloted.

Five new machines worth £12,000 will this morning be “discreetly” installed away from main reading areas, in the second floor computer area. He said the mini-gyms would be installed next to computer terminals, so anyone queuing to use the internet can take time for a quick workout.”

More about Liverpool’s Active City campaign at

Liverpool installs gym equipment in library

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Video: Interview with powerlifting legend Ed Coan

RoxxiGirl on Muscle Mayhem Bodybuilding Forum interviewed powerlifting legend Ed Coan:

“Ed is getting ready for the Moutaineer Cup next Saturday. I interviewed him last Saturday and took some video of his squat day Monday. He talks about nutrition and his 3 lifts and what has changed this year in his training.”

Interview with powerlifting legend Ed Coan

Hat tip: Straight to the Bar

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