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Free Olympia Tickets For US Military Personnel’s subsite for Joe Weider’s 2006 Olympia Weekend was yesterday updated with the following news:

“For the sixth consecutive year, Joe and Ben Weider, and their partners at American Media Inc/Weider Publications, have authorized active-duty military personnel with a valid ID card to attend the Olympia Expo, Mr. Olympia, Ms. Olympia, Fitness Olympia and Figure Olympia competitions free of charge.


To show our gratitude and acknowledge the tremendous sacrifice military personnel go through in service to the country, it is our honor to provide free tickets to members of the Armed Forces. Since 2001, over 3600 military personnel have attended the Olympia events as our special guest and we look forward to meeting and thanking service members for all they do this year,” commented IFBB President Ben Weider.”

Shawn Ray’s Colorado Pro Show also showed support for the troops. From an interview on

“Q: What is the American War Heroes? They are featured on the Colorado Pro site.

A: We are working with the United States military, all branches? The Air Force, the Army, the Navy, the Marines – supporting them. They will have a strong presence there. They will have 30 volunteers for the show. They will have a booth there, with some war heroes and war veterans from Desert Storm and Iraq. Colorado had a very strong military presence. I am going to visit a few of the bases on the way in – they actually have a military show coming up that Melvin Anthony is guest posing at.”


July 28, 2006 - Posted by | IFBB, Mr. Olympia, Olympia Weekend

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