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Chinese boy does 10,000 push-ups in three hours and twenty minutes

From Reuters – Thu Jul 27,11:04 PM ET. Yikes! The tyke must be on the same diet as Wang Junxia; turtle blood and caterpillar fungus, as prescribed by the coach Ma Junren.

“Lu Di, 6, flexes his muscles as other students watch at a kungfu school in Songshan, central China’s Henan Province July 26, 2006. According to the school’s president Shi Yongdi, Lu did 10,000 push-ups in three hours and twenty minutes on July 22, 2006. Shi said the school was waiving his tuition for ten years due to his outstanding performance, China Daily reported.”

Chinese boy does 10,000 push-ups in three hours and twenty minutes

The International World Record Breakers’ Club, lists the following (and many more types!) as World Records for Push-Ups:

  • non-stop: 10,507; Minoru Yoshida (JAP), Oct 1980
  • in one year: 1,500,230; Paddy Doyle (GBR), Oct 1988 – Oct 1989
  • in 24 hours: 46,001; Charles Servizio (USA), 24/25 April 1993 at Hesperia

B&K Sports Magazine had a competition in their booth at 2000 Scandinavian Fitness Expo; push-ups with a fitness female on the back. Those who managed to do 17 reps with Pernilla Stjernfeldt (‘Troja’ in the Swedish version of the game-show American Gladiators, called ‘Gladiatorerna’) on their back, got free entrance to the first (and so far only) Professional Fitness competition in Sweden, Swedish Pro Fitness. Five competitors managed more than 17 reps. Here’s when the main speaker at the expo, Karl Dyall [Fitness Magazine has a profile in Swedish], made the competition interesting by stripping off his tail suit and entering the competition:

The main speaker at the expo, Carl Dyall, stripped off his tail suit and entered the competition.


The Gladiators 'Raptor' and 'Troja' from Gladiatorerna, the Swedish version of the game-show American Gladiators.

Results 2000 Swedish Pro Fitness
October 29, 2000, Stockholm International Fairs, Scandinavian Fitness Expo

  1. Susie Curry, USA
  2. Timea Majorova, Slovakia
  3. Jenny Worth, Canada
  4. Stacy Simons, USA
  5. Eva Lundquist, Sweden
  6. Angelica Östlund, Sweden
  7. Karin Munge, Sweden

Einar Guðmann, Fitness Fréttir

For those of you who are into functional fitness, bodyweight exercises and/or don’t go a to a gym, regular push-ups can only get you so far. When you do a push-up, you lift 65% of your body weight. But add some resistance and you can do some serious strength training! The best item I’ve come across is Power Push Up – 2 from Lifeline USA. Here’s what Matt Furey (he with the politically incorrect fitness instructions) has to say about the product:

“When doing pushups and presses with the Power Pushup 2, all the stabilizing muscles of the shoulder shake like leaves blowing in the wind. What you are doing, in addition to strengthening the stabilizers, is adding strength and endurance … not to mention FUNCTIONAL STRENGTH, to all athletic movements.”

Matt Furey made the Hindu push-up (and the Hindu squat) popular in the United States. Here demonstrated as Tiger Stretch Push-up by John Peterson of Bronse Bow Publishing. Looking good there, John…

As called Tiger Stretch Push-up by John Peterson of Bronse Bow Publishing...


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Free Olympia Tickets For US Military Personnel’s subsite for Joe Weider’s 2006 Olympia Weekend was yesterday updated with the following news:

“For the sixth consecutive year, Joe and Ben Weider, and their partners at American Media Inc/Weider Publications, have authorized active-duty military personnel with a valid ID card to attend the Olympia Expo, Mr. Olympia, Ms. Olympia, Fitness Olympia and Figure Olympia competitions free of charge.


To show our gratitude and acknowledge the tremendous sacrifice military personnel go through in service to the country, it is our honor to provide free tickets to members of the Armed Forces. Since 2001, over 3600 military personnel have attended the Olympia events as our special guest and we look forward to meeting and thanking service members for all they do this year,” commented IFBB President Ben Weider.”

Shawn Ray’s Colorado Pro Show also showed support for the troops. From an interview on

“Q: What is the American War Heroes? They are featured on the Colorado Pro site.

A: We are working with the United States military, all branches? The Air Force, the Army, the Navy, the Marines – supporting them. They will have a strong presence there. They will have 30 volunteers for the show. They will have a booth there, with some war heroes and war veterans from Desert Storm and Iraq. Colorado had a very strong military presence. I am going to visit a few of the bases on the way in – they actually have a military show coming up that Melvin Anthony is guest posing at.”

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An exercise guru helped ease JFK’s back pain

Recently (June 30) retired Executive Director of IHRSA, John McCarthy, wrote in the IHRSA Industry blog:

“As reported in yesterday’s Boston Globe, the patient files of Austrian-born Dr. Hans Kraus, who met with President Kennedy 85 times in the last two years of his life, show that an exercise regimen – three session per week in the White House Gym – was “enabling Kennedy, for the first time in his life, to see himself as a healthy man.”

Said Dr. Kraus’ biographer, Susan Schwartz, had Kennedy lived another year, the “enduring image of his Presidency would have been of a man hiking, jogging, and lifting weights.”

More from the article:

“Kraus, a legendary rock climber who had successfully pushed President Eisenhower to launch a physical fitness campaign for children, agreed to treat Kennedy and set a plan of three therapy sessions a week in the White House gym.

When Kraus saw Kennedy for the last time, in October 1963, Kennedy agreed to expand his workouts to include jogging and other fitness activities. He also promised to stop wearing the corset. Kraus hoped that Kennedy was about to lead a national fitness crusade, as he had urged, ”to combat the physical and psychological effects of our soft, sedentary, self-indulgent way of life.” has the book “Into the Unknown: The Remarkable Life of Hans Kraus” by Susan E.B. Schwartz:

The Remarkable Life of Hans Kraus“A book of adventure and hope, vividly portraying one man’s successful quest for meaning. A life covering the grand panorama of the 20th century, filled with tragedy and triumph, intense passion, verve, and a whole lot of guts, glory and wit. Hans Kraus was a legendary rock climber, known for hair-raising ascents on two continents. Few realized he was the same man considered one of the great unsung medical pioneers of the 20th century, making headline news throughout the second half of the 1950’s, guest of honor at Eisenhower’s White House, cover story of major magazines throughout America, including Sports Illustrated.

His pioneering work in muscles and fitness uncovered a shocking truth about American children. And his work curing back pain brought him into the Kennedy White House and inner circle of Camelot. Here now is the life of Hans Kraus, including the never before told story of Kennedy’s back, based on new documentation, including Kennedy’s own White House back records and first time interviews with two Kennedy White House doctors. Kraus lived life so fully, so fearlessly, another famous climber said, “His cojones are so big he needs a bag to carry them in.”

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

“Hans Kraus (1905-1995) was a pioneer of modern rock climbing, as well as being one of the fathers of sports medicine and physical medicine and rehabilitation.

It was Kraus, based on his landmark research during the 1940s at New York-Presbyterian Hospitalin Manhattan, who first made the connection between exercise and health. Along with Bonnie Prudden, he campaigned for better physical exercise programs for children, and authored several books on exercise, sports medicine, and physical therapy.”

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