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Steve MacDonald is the 2006 American Strongest Man!

The website for American Strongman Association has frequent updates pertaining to the American competition scene (within its own federation). This weekends quest was for the title of ‘Americas Strongest Man’:

“The fourth and final event that would crown America’s Strongest Man 2006 were the famous William’s Strength Atlas Stones. This event came down to a very tight race by all athletes. The top four placings in this event was Travis Ortmayer, Marshall White, and Steve MacDonald.

The 2006 America’s Strongest Man is Steve MacDonald! The top six athletes of 2006 are Steve MacDonald, Jon Andersen, Travis Ortmayer, Kevin Nee, Derek Poundstone, and Nick Best.”

A forum thread about the competition with even more information is avaliable at Strength Discussion, which has the subtitle “Bringing the world of strength sports to the bored and lazy for 5 years”…

Steve MacDonald is the 2006 American Strongest Man!


July 23, 2006 - Posted by | Contest Results, Strongman

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