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History of Gymrat’s Weblog

In the winter of 1993 I got my first taste of the net at Solace Computer Society in Sundsvall, Sweden. It was an instant addiction, making the previous BBS dependency extinct. This weblog, in one form or another, has been online since 1995, when I started making a home page about my biggest interest(s).

Cory, as Atalanta, the blacksmith on the TV show Hercules (w Kevin Sorbo)First the bodybuilding page consisted mainly of a link directory (called Premier Bodybuilding Links) updated with new interesting web additions in bodybuilding, weightlifting, powerliftning and fitness. It also had a couple of female muscle galleries (Cory Eversons physique has perhaps been matched, but never surpassed)… See screenshot 1 after the jump.

In 1997 the weblog got its current name, Gymrat’s Weblog. It was still hosted at Solace Computer Society, Sundsvall on Midswedens University and last updated in October of 2001. See screenshot 2 after the jump.

From May 2000 the combined Swedish/English version of Gymrat’s Weblog was incarnated on B&K Sports Magazine’s (now BODY Magazine) Swedish website, for which I was (and am) webmaster. It was updated almost daily until november 2001, when I lost interest in updating a weblog manually. See screenshot 3 after the jump.

In the summer of 2006 Gymrat’s Weblog is back in full force in English. With the ease of current software managing a weblog is smoother than ever. It will feature the many different types of news items I come across in my work as webmaster for the Swedish bodybuilding and fitness magazine, BODY Magazine.

Keep pumping,

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Joe Weider’s 2006 Olympia Weekend

A July 19th press release has information about the 42nd rendition of the Olympia Weekend. The biggest news are:

  • An increase in Mr. Olympia prize money, $66,000 more than last year. $546,000 this year, with $155,000 going to to the first place competitor (Ronnie Coleman – wanna bet?)
  • New format for Mr. Olympia (prejudging is held in conjunction with the finals for Fitness Olympia and Ms Olympia on Friday night)
  • Women’s contests prejudging (Fitness, Figure and Ms. Olympia) will be held at the Olympia Expo friday afternoon, with the finals for Figure Olympia held Saturday night in conjunction with Mr. Olympia finals.
  • As always, the Expo promises to be bigger than the year before, including “World’s Fittest Model Search”, and SMA Tournament (Sports Martial Arts).

Olympia Ticket Info: To order call the Orleans Arena Box Office at (702) 284-7777 or toll-free at (888) 234 2334. You can also order tickets online at

Joe Weider's 2006 Olympia Weekend

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Powerlifting Watch: Keeping an Eye on the Powerlifting Scene

Even though I’m reasonably well informed about the sport of powerlifting, it is not foremost in my heart (bodybuilding is). Thus I have found it hard to keep up with what’s happening, but no longer. to the resque! You will find the lastest news from and about the different federations, suspensions, rules for support gear, meet results, new records, what topics that are hot on the different discussion forums, interesting questions about training, etcetera.

Keeping an Eye on the Powerlifting Scene

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Radio: New episodes of Hard Body Radio and Muscle Radio avaliable

Wednesdays episodes of the On-Demand Replay and the Podcast of Hard Body Radio and Muscle Radio (weekly one-hour internet radio programs) has been posted:

Jenny Lynn“IFBB Pro Figure superstar, Jenny Lynn, winner of nine pro figure titles including three Ms. International Figure championships, came by for a visit and addressed a host of issues. Jenny talked about why she didn’t make it to the stage at the 2006 International, her feelings about her second place finish at the 2006 Colorado Pro, her onstage battles with Ms. Figure Olympia (and former Hardbody Radio guest) Davana Medina and her current preparation for the upcoming Olympia. Jenny also talked about her role as the IFBB Athlete’s Rep for Figure, how she trains her legs for a show and her upcoming DVD release.”

Muscle Radio had two pro bodybuilders as guests, one coming back from kidney failure, and the always outspoken Vince Taylor:

Don Long“The current episode of Muscle Radio started with an in depth session with IFBB Pro Don Long. As many of you know, Don is planning to compete in the Atlantic City Pro Show in September but needs to get approval from the IFBB to do so in light of the kidney failure he suffered in 1999. Don took advantage of his appearance on the show to tell the WHOLE story, including a new form of dialysis he is on called “nocturnal dialysis”, his current health status, whether he intends to use diuretics and the real reasons that competing in this one event is very important to him.

Vince TaylorNext up, bodybuilding’s most controversial competitor at the moment, Vince Taylor, came on the air and talked about the exact details of the reasons he recently decided not to compete in the PDI and to stay with the IFBB and compete in this year’s Olympia. […] If you want to know exactly why Vince made the choices he made, straight from the man himself, Muscle Radio is the place to get it!”

Hard Body Radio and Muscle Radio airs live back-to-back every Wednesday at 3:05 PM PST and 4:05 PM PST respectively.

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TV: Reality-TV series about LA gym makes it’s debut

On Wednesday July 19 Work Out, a six-episode series detailing the weighty dramas and conflicts at an elite Beverly Hills gym debuted on Bravo. Starting Tuesday, July 25, WORK OUT will move to its regular timeslot at 9 pm (8 central). Quote from the episode guide on

“Jackie Warner, owner of Sky Sport & Spa, is determined to be the best in the competitive fitness industry in Los Angeles. Jackie has pulled together an elite team of trainers to attract an A-list clientele to her exclusive gym. But tough bodies and strong personalities lead to conflict among the staff. And Jackie, already under pressure trying to run a successful business, gets more pressure from her tempestuous girlfriend, Mimi.”

If you missed an episode, has ambitious recaps of everything happening in episode 1, episode 2, episode 3, episode 4, episode 5, and episode 6 (season finale)

You can also download the show on iTunes: episode one (101) is free, and episode two (102), episode three (103) and episode 4 (104) can be downloaded for $1.99 each.

Lose weight with TV's toughest fitness guru!One fact that hasn’t (so far) come up on the show is that the (current?) co-owner of Sky Sport & Spa is none other than Jillian Michaels, trainer on “The Biggest Looser”:

“Sky Sport and Spa co-owner Jillian Michaels is best known as the strength trainer and life coach for the Red Team on NBC’s hit series “The Biggest Loser”. As a motivator and role model, Michaels has a unique connection with her audience that stems from her own personal journey for wellness.”

Jillian’s daily newsletter with weight-loss and fitness tips is one of the most grounded and motivating newsletter I’ve come across. Sign up, it’s free!

Entertainment journalist Lydia Marcus writes about the party Bravo had for the release of “Work Out” at I Candy Lounge in West Hollywood:

“I got to hang out a bit with the star of the party, Jackie, who was super-sweet and approachable — not the snarling, tough-ass trainer I’d expected after watching those promo spots. Jackie was attired head to toe in black, and wore a distressed racer back tank top, shorts and motorcycle boots. She emphatically noted that those boots weren’t just for show: Not only does she ride, but Harley Davidson recently gave her a $10,000 bike and will feature her in a print ad campaign.”

The high-profile blog “Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb” has Exclusive Bravo ‘Work Out’ Videos & Giveaways:

“As an EXCLUSIVE just for the readers of the “Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb” blog, Bravo has offered two videos clips featuring exercise advice from two of the trainers appearing on “Work Out.” As promised last week, I have some exclusive limited edition “Work Out” merchandise to give away to THREE LUCKY WINNERS this week!”

Not one to mince words, TC Luoma of Testosterone Nation, goes head on with the type of personal trainers he sees on “Work Out” in an article called ‘Kill the Personal Trainers!‘. TC mentions that he once was a (bad) personal trainer himself, but that he evolved by continuing to read and learn:

“But that’s where I was different. Most personal trainers today, once they get their joke of a certificate from some lame organization, don’t read anything outside Muscle and Fitness. They remain lame brains. They remain sucky!

They don’t chart their clients’ progress. The workouts are entirely arbitrary. They spend most of the time working their clients’ freaking core when their clients would be better off learning how to squat.”

Jackie Warner has been profiled several times before for the series debut, here are a few interviews and profiles: The Sky’s the Limit for Jackie Warner:
“The star of Bravo’s Work Out discusses fitness, her girlfriend, Mimi, and why being gay has helped her succeed.”

The Advocate: Power lesbian:
“Jackie Warner, owner of Beverly Hills gym Sky Sport and Spa, is blazing trails as the out lesbian star of Work Out, Bravo’s hot new reality show.”

The New York Times: Sex and the Gym: ‘Work Out’ and the Gaying of Bravo: [Requires login]
“Personal trainers are the new dental hygienists: health professionals who prattle on about how they spent their weekend while their clients are under physical duress and most vulnerable.” interviews the senior personal trainer at Sky Sport & Spa, Doug Blasdell (one of the more grounded persons on the show), in an article called “Work Out’s Openly Gay Role Model“:

“At forty-three years of age, Doug Blasdell may be the oldest trainer working at Sky Sport and Spa, the setting of Bravo’s latest entry into the reality show sweeps, but it’s the younger trainers who work to keep up with him. recently had the opportunity to talk with him about the kind of role model he wants to be, the sexual tension permeating the gym, and which trainer got fired from the show. “

Another personal trainer at Sky Sport & Spa, Brian Peeler, is profiled by a local newspaper: Salisbury native competes with other trainers in ‘Work Out’:
“Salisbury native Brian Peeler is one of seven personal trainers vying to be the best at the Sky Sport and Spa in Beverly Hills, Calif. The trainers were chosen from around the country to work for Jackie Warner, the whip-cracking spa owner and trainer whose life is being documented on Bravo’s new show “Work Out.”

Reality-TV series about LA gym makes it debut

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Video: Strongman Odd Haugen deadlifts the Millenium Dumbbell

On Sunday June 25 the experienced (read old) strongman competitor Odd Haugen became the first man to lift the Millenium Dumbbell. writes:

First there was the Thomas Inch dumbbell – deadlift it for grip world bragging rights – and then came the Millenium Dumbbell (2-3/8 inch handle and 228 pounds), which until yesterday, nobody had ever succeeded in deadlifting.”

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